The Effects and Consequences of Heroin Use and Abuse

the Effects and Consequences of Heroin Use and Abuse

milligrams per day. Within seconds a warm glowing sensation spreads over the body, most intense in the stomach and intestines, comparable to sexual release. This type of reaction has been called depersonalization, detachment, or dissociation. Key predisposing variables include age of first exposure, frequency of use, the potency of the cannabis used, and individual susceptibility. Marijuana varies considerably in potency. There are many social and ethical issues surrounding the use and abuse of drugs. All psychedelics presumably are lethal if taken in quantities large enough, but the effective dose is so low compared with the lethal dose that death has not been a factor in experimental studies. Studies of performance on standardized tests show some reduction in reasoning and memory, but the motivation of the subject probably accounts for much of the performance decrement, since many people are uncooperative in this type of structured setting while under the influence of a drug. Cocaine is sometimes mixed with heroin to dampen any extreme excitability produced by the cocaine.

the Effects and Consequences of Heroin Use and Abuse

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He or she has come to grips with the problems of love and sex, has some degree of economic and social skill, and has been integrated or at least assimilated into some dominant social order. Neither a Paradigmatic Cultural Act are they deliberately hooked on heroin by adult drug peddlers. Naloxone can be administered by authorised medical personnel such as ambulance officers. Substances such as the bromides, heavy metals, belladonna alkaloids, and intoxicants can, however, cause abnormal behaviour to a degree sometimes described as psychotic, and if the list is extended to include the drugs being discussed here, then the objectionthat the term psychotomimetic should refer only. Historically, cannabis has been regarded as having medicinal value, and it was used as a folk medicine prior to the 1900s. Additionally methadone has the ability to allay the feeling of not being right physically, which the addict finds he or she can correct only by repeated narcotic use. The Romans probably learned of opium during their conquest of the eastern Mediterranean. The minor tranquilizers are commonly associated with habituation and may induce physical dependence and severe withdrawal symptoms.

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