The Differences of High School and College

the Differences of High School and College

differences between your high-school educational experience and your college education, the faster you'll adjust to the pace of college life, and the better your chances for academic success. But academic preparation can mean different things. He is also founder of m, m, and. Marys Ryken Scholarship Fund and Foundation 4 Heroes More Info. Many students could do very well academically by simply studying an hour or two the Middle Passage a week - or by cramming for a test the night before. Hansen is an educator, author, and blogger, as well as founder and CEO of m, a network of empowering and transformative Websites, including.

To assist future college-bound students, here are the top 16 ways college is different from high school. Hansen is also an educator, teaching business and marketing at the college level for more than 25 years. As a result, an A-average GPA at one high school might be equivalent to a B at another. You must manage your time and sometimes travel all the way across campus within a short period to make it to your next class on time - and there are no bells or clocks, and each professor goes by his or her own time. But students with the opposite credentialsmediocre SAT scores but high GPAsgraduate from college at a 62 rate.

Many incoming college students are simply unprepared to handle differences they find between college and high school. Featured Events, register Today, discover the Summer Knights Difference. Teachers often teach to the test - typically feeding students all the information needed to study for exams. I think that service should be a priority in everyones life because God has already given us so much. Your reading assignments are fairly light, and some is done in class - whether through individual reading or lecturing straight from the book. But perhaps colleges looking to identify students at risk of dropping out should pay more attention to high school marks.

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