Cuban Missle Crisus

cuban Missle Crisus

operator / SP4 - 314. Clark, Gary, I was a Spec 4 in charge of the generator shack in the launch area. Sometimes I wonder how or why it was allowed - it sure wouldn't happen today. Marple, Raymond, SP4 motor Pool, cbr/cbn NCattery was at the foot of Conner Ave. I became the Training Officer for an Infantry Battalion. All the rest had.

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My highest rank was SP-5. Apollo, 8 thru 14 and Shuttle payloads from 80. Reynolds, Louis, Computer operator, Cuban Missile Crisis, Engineer Section Chief, Qualified IFC Crew Chief, transferr4ed to C 5/6 Baumholder, Germany, 1/63 - 12/65 8/60-1/63. Ludington MI 49431 11/56-9/59. I was designated the Ajax guidance control system test/install/repair tech. Remember sub sandwiches from Wilt's in Edgewood. Twyman, Spencer, SP4 Launching area - 30625 Lebanon. Truth or Consequences, NM 87901 05/71-02/73 D-16 Selfridge AFB - (Shared IFC with D-14). Box 1110, Howell, MI 48844 8/59-3/60.

cuban Missle Crisus

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