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Mad As Hell! Support SJR 15 and HJR. 11, "National Policy Governing the Acquisition of Information Assurance and IA-Enabled Information Technology Products." In addition, technologies shall be procured which have been validated by Common Criteria Testing Labs, in accordance with the National Information Assurance Partnership (niap) Protection Profiles (PPs). 11 requirements, the following contractual language is recommended for procurements involving commercial technologies: Technologies for Program X shall be procured in accordance with cnssp. The ERA 3 State Strategy team is part of PDAs.

Begin with the thousands of Puerto Ricans who have fought for the United States in every conflict since World War I, and with the taxes Puerto. Rico pays to the.S. Our, issues Healthcare Human Rights Healthcare Human Rights is part of PDA s Fund Human Needs/Cut Pentagon Waste platform.

Developed Interactive Legislative Map, organized alliances with National Organizations and grassroots activists. Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) is a new way of delivering secure solutions leveraging industry innovation to deliver IA solutions quickly. In many different fields: Joseph Michael Joe Acaba, is the first astronaut from Puerto Rico. This is accomplished by using the right tool for the right job when delivering encryption solutions to NSS customers, and this includes responsibly leveraging commercial technologies. CSfC continues to be an important component in NSA's commercial cyber security and assurance strategy. Jess Coln was the first Puerto Rican writer to achieve literary success on the mainland. It is founded on the principle that properly configured, layered solutions can provide adequate protection of classified data in a variety of different applications. PDA BlogTalk Radio Show The Womens Room. For Industry inquiries: NSA Business Affairs Office, email. Herman Badillo was the first congressman of Puerto Rican heritage. Jos Enrique Serrano is.S.