Life History of Gaius Julius Caesar

life History of Gaius Julius Caesar

year before. To make matters worse, in the year.C.E., just after Caesar turned 15, his father became ill and died. Ancient historians notoriously exaggerated numbers of this kind, but Caesar's conquest of Gaul was certainly the greatest military invasion since the campaigns of Alexander the Great. Cornelia, Julius remarried a wealthy wife and allied with Crassus, who was the richest man in Rome at the time (Internet Explorer). Career, he started his career as a prosecuting advocate and studied Philosophy temporarily in Rhodes. After the death of Julia Caesaris (Caesars daughter and Pompeys wife) and Crassuss murder in 53 BC in Parthia, Pompey started drifting apart; he started getting closer to the Optimates. One of the most famous personalities in the human history, he was a courageous warrior and an expert swordsman.

He also enlarged the Senate and extended citizenship. In fact they could not marry. In.C.E., on hearing of Sulla's death, Caesar felt it would be safe for him to return to Rome and he began his political career as an advocate for the populares. Caesar fought in a civil war that left him undisputed master of the Roman world, and after assuming control of the government began extensive reforms of Roman society and government. Commentaries (Commentarii), and many details of his life are recorded by later historians, such as Appian, Suetonius, Plutarch, Cassius Dio, and Strabo. Caesars left and center held strong, while his right withdrew. As he gained political influence, Caesar's family gained wealth. Even though Rome had its senate, the real power was with Caesar and they were scared of Rome being governed by a King. Political legacy Domestically, Caesar proved to be a committed reformer. What happened was very odd. By Vince Henecker Bibliography. Mark Antony, learning of the plot from a terrified senator named Casca, went to head Caesar off at the steps of the forum.

To confirm the alliance, Pompey married Julia, Caesar's only daughter. BC to Cornelia, the daughter of Mariuss associate was a political Match (Lindsay.