The Use of Poetry

the Use of Poetry

on first reading, might still seem to make the poem in some sense useful. In sum, then, since we have access to the poem's features only in the context of readings of the poem, we can't say that the poem's features determine what those readings must. I shall try to overcome this paradox by offering another: for the poem really to be useful for any external purposes, it must be approached without those purposes in mind. It is not an empirical claim: it is a conceptual claim. The effect reading a poem will have upon an individual is not determined either by what the person is like or by what the poem is like. The poem itself does not stop with the young men learning as they went, like humans, though it could have. The truth is that the features of a poem do not cause the reading, nor does the reading cause the features: but anything which is to count as a response to the poem needs to be able to point out features of the poem related. Concerned with youth and nostalgia, its speaks of a span of life when the concept of age is unimaginable. Journal of Medical Ethics 1999;25:52931. Originally included in "Deaths and Entrances" published in 1945, the piece employs simple yet lyrical language and imagery to evoke the happy period of childhood. I was green and carefree" and "the children green and golden" among other images create the sense of beginning, before decay is imposed by time. As Expected, as Expected is set in the USA during the Vietnam War.

the Use of Poetry

Drawing of Basil Bunting by Erin OBrien Back in 1985, I found this Lecture in Writing Magazine. The use of poetry and the use of criticism Studies in the relation of criticism to poetry in England (The Charles Eliot Norton lectures for 1932.

Consider the analogies used to describe the young men: they are, with some degree of humour, like ninepins, they look as if they have different names, they are like kittens, like tulips, and climactically, like humans. Journal of Medical Ethics 1999;25:421. And as in any engagement with things other than ourselves, we may learn, change, or develop. In blunt terms, the thesis I argue for here is that poetry is of no use in health care ethics education, because poetry is of no use. Larry finds his charges living in a grubby environment, neglected and when thought necessary, drugged. We cannot be sure what interpretation an individual will come up with, or to what degree that interpretation will be a reflection of the individual. We use cookies to improve our service and to tailor our content and advertising to you.

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However, the role of pointing these out cannot be to individual Freedom and Rights determine what someone reading the poem should get out. Reading a poem involves personal engagement and is an unpredictable business. Gunn plays with the different meanings of the words low, high and over; and gives to my mind a rather accurate description of Robert Plant's singing as an orgasmic shriek. He watches; he discovers; he withholds his expectations. The writer's main aim in the letter was to castigate those (including me) who waste everyone's valuable time by asking whether or how literature could possibly be of use.

the Use of Poetry