Role of Cheap Amusements

role of Cheap Amusements

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By Steve Watts -Some Uses of Fire by Norm Kidder -At The Hearth of Aboriginal Australia by Denise Ellen Ashman -Small-Scale Thermal Alteration by Scott Jones -A Burned Flint Experiment by Errett Callahan -A Small-Scale Primitive Pottery Firing Strategy by Steve Watts -Steam Bending Wood. D -The Versitile Throwing Stick by Jim Allen -Teaching Primitive Skills to Children by Wanda DeWaard -Creating a Low-Tech Atlatl by Charles Spear -Wildchild: An Evolving Curriculum by Patrick Munson -Sharing Oldways With the Young by Norm Kidder -Floating with the Handdrill by Chris Morasky. I encourage everyone to support her and share her statement here: m/.

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