Tell Them Who I Am

tell Them Who I Am

Now all my dreams are just memories, Fated never.

Where my father finally lays, tell me why (did) he died for? APA, mLA, chicago, tell Them Who. I wonder who am I? Why don't you take it away with all it's pain. My eyes are glazed, and yours too. M, (December 31, 1969). m, ml (accessed August 09, 2018).

Facts of life, are discontinued, always on probation, sick are the people. Where is the only way I know. The more I watch, the more it turns around. Locked in a cage, loose and (then) again, i've worked myself in(to) a corner. It's such a shame, I'm such a sham. Without views, and a point, of no direction, chorus: So (please) tell me who. Stories of (from my) the past (Are) about to prevail, i've been waiting driving Age... Stay 16 ? Or Go up to 18 ? to show them (to you). Once there were sweet possibilities, I could see, just for. GTR solo, stories.1st verse, locked.1st verse (Think) you got.2nd verse, sick are.1st verse. But I'll make you pay, for this pain. Time is up and the sky is down. Will I survive - who will give a damn if no one knows who I am?

tell Them Who I Am