Ground Water: An Integral Part of Hydrologic Cycle

ground Water: An Integral Part of Hydrologic Cycle

or more reservoirs for a variety of operational goals and constraints. Academically, over a long period of time and under natural conditions s will be zero as recharge equals discharge. References edit a b "What is hydrology and what do hydrologists do?". Hydrometeorology is the study of the transfer of water and energy between land and water body surfaces and the lower atmosphere. Using various analytical methods and scientific techniques, they collect and analyze data to help solve water related problems such as environmental preservation, natural disasters, and water management. Some of the water is absorbed, and the rest percolates down to the water table. This infiltrated water then moves further into ground-under the force of gravity.

Read this article to learn about groundwater in hydrologic cycle. Groundwater is one component of the complete hydrologic cycle of the earth. For all practical purposes groundwater originates from surface water source. Water infiltrates into ground by natural recharge process.

5 Infiltration edit Main article: Infiltration (hydrology) Infiltration is the process by which water enters the soil. If ground water storage in an area is less at the end of the selected period of time, than at the beginning, discharge is indicated as having exceeded recharge. Handbook of Vadose Zone Characterization Monitoring. With adoption of a more scientific approach, Leonardo da Vinci and Bernard Palissy independently reached an accurate representation of the hydrologic cycle. When making assessments of how often relatively rare events will occur, analyses are made in terms of the return period of such events. Hornberger, George.; Wiberg, Patricia.; Raffensperger, Jeffrey.; D'Odorico, Paolo. 1 is a Windows-based tool developed to estimate user selected design stream flows for low flow analysis and water quality standards. "Aquifer Characterization by Geophysical Methods". Hydrology considers evaporation of various forms: from water surfaces; as transpiration from plant surfaces in natural and agronomic ecosystems. Argus ONE, version:4.2.0w Hit:396. Recent research in hydrological modeling tries to have a more global approach to the understanding of the behavior of hydrologic systems to make better predictions and to face the major challenges in water resources management.

ground Water: An Integral Part of Hydrologic Cycle

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