Era of Good Feelings

era of Good Feelings

warfare and the beginning of the "politics of consensus". As president-elect, he carefully crafted the stance he would assume towards the declining Federalists in a letter to General Andrew Jackson of Tennessee in December 1816. The Crowning of King Cotton. Ash Lawn-Highland was James Monroe's estate.

era of Good Feelings

City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia. These policies had three basic aspects: a national bank, protective tariffs to support American manufactures, and federally-funded internal improvements. Era of Good Feelings, a period of relative stability, prosperity and peace. A Cast of National Superstars. He presented himself strictly as the the Animals for Entertainment head of state, and not as the leader of a triumphant political party. Domestic and International Politics48. The Era of Good Feelings (1952). The Berlin Airlift and nato. "From the moment that Monroe adopted as his guiding principle the maxim that he was head of a nation, not the leader of a party, he repudiated for all practical purposes the party unity" that would have served to establish his policies.

Loyalists, Fence-sitters, and Patriots. The Tet Offensive. Slavery as an Emerging Issue, the issue of slavery was not absent in the early years of the United States, of course. The American Homefront. A Helping Hand for Labor.