The fifthe enlargement of the european union

the fifthe enlargement of the european union

2007, the fifth enlargement completed with the accession of Romania and Bulgaria on Also, in 2007 Slovenia adopted the euro, 36 Malta and Cyprus in 2008 37 and Slovakia in 2009. Following Norway's decision not to join the EU, it remained one of the members of the European Economic Area which also includes Iceland and Liechtenstein (all former members have joined the EU, and Switzerland rejected membership). Denmark, Finland, France and the Netherlands are federacies, meaning some regions have autonomy but most do not. In addition, the EU provides the main financial support to the European Bureau for Lesser-Used Languages, a non-governmental organisation which represents the interests of the over 40 million citizens who belong to a regional and minority language community, and for the Mercator networks of universities. Arabic is spoken in many EU countries mainly in its two varieties Maghrebi Arabic and Levantine Arabic. Furthermore, not all national languages have been accorded the status of official EU languages.

with the 2004 enlargement of the, european, union, it is considered part of the fifth wave of enlargement of the.
Interactive map of the enlargement of the.
European, union, excluding Greenland and Algeria.

From 22 November 2004, the European Commissioner for Education and Culture portfolio included an explicit reference to languages and became European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism with Jn Fige at the post. 69 Like Bosnia, Kosovo has been termed an "EU protectorate". Bulgaria will have to prove in its report that it has removed "any ambiguity regarding the independence and accountability of the judicial system" and conduct "professional, non-partisan investigations into allegations of high-level corruption". 7 Cyrillic will also be featured on the euro banknotes and the national ( obverse ) side of the Bulgarian euro coins. 34 Future of English in the EU edit Main article: Impact of Brexit on the European Union Languages When the United Kingdom and Ireland joined the EU's predecessor in 1973, French was the dominant language of the institutions.