Obedience: A Reaction to Milgram

obedience: A Reaction to Milgram

the initial instructions they left the room. Agentic State, an agentic state is when an individual carries out the orders of an authority figure and acts as their agent, with little personal responsibility. Perry even tracked down some of the people who took part in the experiments as well as Milgram's research assistants. History and Biographies, milgram's original "shock box" displayed at the Ontario Science Centre. Articles, table of Contents. So entrenched is obedience it may void personal codes of conduct. Each participant took the role of a "teacher" who would then deliver a shock to the "student" whenever an incorrect answer was given. Some subjects appeared cold, hopeless, somber, or arrogant. Eichmanns defense that he was merely following instructions when he ordered the deaths of millions of Jews roused Milgrams interest. On average the guard was obeyed on 76 of occasions, the milkman on 47 and the pedestrian. "Teachers" were asked to administer tHE KERRIGANS MOVE IN increasingly severe electric shocks to the "learner" when questions were answered incorrectly.

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The actors asked members of the public to following one of three instructions: pick up a bag; give someone money for a parking metre; and stand on the other side of a bus stop sign which said no standing. In this variation the percentage of participants who administered the full 450 the Founder of Confucianism volts dropped from 65. But Milgram was shocked to find those who questioned authority were in the minority. In one, the learner was not only visible but teachers were asked to force the learners hand to the shock plate so they could deliver the punishment. While the participant believed that he was delivering real shocks to the student, the student was a confederate in the experiment who was simply pretending to be shocked. Researchers Replicate Milgram: Would People Still Obey? what do you think was the average voltage given by teachers before they refused to administer further shocks?

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