four thousand year civilized history, the Chinese have generated innumerable proverbs. Uplifting and inspiring, proverbs unify people around the world. Japanese proverbs "An evil deed remains with the evildoer" and "The tongue is like a sharp knife, it kills without drawing blood" often refer to morals and discretion; while most Mexican proverbs reflect the thinking and values of rural people or the average person. The headwrap of a woman walking down the street will tell you if shes a widow, a grandmother, or if shes a married young woman. The truths they speak can span the globe.

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Africa abounds in proverbs that its writers tap into to advance its brand of wisdom literature. Evidence shows that the courts of the traditional rulers (chiefs or kings) are revered because of the manner in which the traditional spokesmen or linguists manipulate proverbs to convey wisdom. It begins with a brief introduction preface in the first six verses, then followed by different discourses from a father to his son, filled with practical advice on how to face some of the problems of life. The collections here are authentic African proverbs that speak volumes for the diverse linguistic, social, and cultural resources that Africa has. The Yorubas of Nigeria cleverly emphasize the worth of proverbs with a proverb of their own, by saying, "A proverb is the horse a Story of a Battered Woman that can carry one swiftly to the discovery of ideas." The sayings of Africa are some of the most profound words you. What will be your reaction if you were told: Two rams cannot drink from the same bucket at the same time.

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