Sinful Fate in the Scarlet Letter

sinful Fate in the Scarlet Letter

a person whose life was originally twisted and repressed to a strong and sensitive woman with respect for the humanity. It is a problem that may lead to feelings or acts of sin and evil. The Puritans in that scene wear gray hats, and the darkness of the jail is relieved by the sunshine of the outside. Hester replies that she has seen the Black Man once before. Still later, the letter is an immense red. The feelings of the lovers, weighed down by guilt, are reflected in the darkness of nature.

sinful Fate in the Scarlet Letter

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She struggles with her recognition of the letter's symbolism just as people struggle with their moral choices. At night and always with the physician, the letter is associated with darkness and evil; in the other associations, it beowulf vs Parzival is a part of nature, passion, lawlessness, and imagination. After Dimmesdale dies upon the scaffold, Chillingworth does very little with the rest of his life, and dies a year after the death of the reverend. Likewise, colors such as red, gray, and black play a role in the symbolic nature of the background and scenery. A reader will understand the need for revenge when something of this nature occurs, and will at first side with Chillingworth. Noon is the time of Dimmesdale's confession, and daylight is the symbol of exposure. It brings about Hester's suffering and loneliness and also provides her rejuvenation. Instead, for Roger, the effects of his sin are most clearly visible on his body. Instead of letting his mind struggle with hope he simply allows it to remain in sin and thus his mind, unlike that of Hester, remains focused and steady, even if it is on cruel revenge. Hester, Pearl, and Chillingworth are all characters associated with good and/or evil.

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