Sex Appeal in Advertisements

sex Appeal in Advertisements

an individuals psychological and social needs for purchasing certain products and services. Keep on reading to know the various different types of advertising appeals that can be seen in the media today. Such appeals emphasize the characteristics and features of the product and the service and how it would be beneficial to own or use the particular brand. These types of advertising appeals are used in cosmetic and health industries. The most important types of advertising appeals include emotional and rational appeals. Advertising agencies and companies use different types of advertising appeals to influence the purchasing decisions of people. The beautician's gloved hand could be seen adjusting the face mask around the Jesinta's delicate doll-like features.

sex Appeal in Advertisements

Emotional appeals are often effective for the youth while rational appeals work well for products directed towards the older generation. The shift should be towards sensuality. Overall I think that both adverts fulfil their purpose effectively and are aimed well at their respective target audiences. Fear is often used to good effect in advertising and marketing campaigns of beauty and health products including insurance. Scarcity Appeal Scarcity appeals are based on limited supplies or limited time period for purchase of products and are often used while employing promotional tools including sweepstakes, contests etc.

Media Coursework Task: Select two advertisements from magazines and write a comparative analysis of them. Statistics Advertisements also use statistics and figures to display aspects of the product and its popularity in particular. At the clinic, face peels start at 150 while more elaborate hydrafacials start at 250. Goodyear tyres The Vauxhall vectra advert shows a man, a dog and the car that is being advertised. Advertising agencies then build advertising campaigns around this appeal. The blonde beauty appeared to be sitting in the bathroom of her Rose Bay home as she endorsed the skincare line Olay Australia, for which she is an ambassador for.