Supporting Assisted Suicide

supporting Assisted Suicide

in view of the findings of a first study by the University which showed the public's preference for voluntary euthanasia. This argument is known as the " slippery slope " argument. For patients who decide to remove life support systems, the suffocation process is excruciatingly slow and thucydes And Socrates is far from a humane way to end ones life. If these patients who might otherwise attempt suicide on their own were offered a more merciful, effective, and proven way to end their lives this might bring far greater peace to not only the dying, but to their relatives who might otherwise wonder if there. "Why is choice in dying so important?." Dying with Dignity: Canadians voice for choice at the end of life. Some examples of the types of people they accept include but are not limited to: people with cancer, Parkinson's disease, and congestive heart failure. McDougall Gorman 2008,. . "Yes on I-1000 Contributors". Legally speaking, the practice may be legal, illegal, or undecided depending on the culture or jurisdiction. 31 In the meantime the Director of Public Prosecutions has clarified the criteria under which an individual will be prosecuted for assisting in another person's suicide. "Helping Patients with End-Of-Life Decisions" page 2401 "Helping Patients with End-Of-Life Decisions" page 2402 Helping Patients with End-Of-Life Decisions" page 2402 "Treatment decision-making at the end of life." page 6 References Asch, DA; DeKay, ML (September 1997).

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Jack Kevorkian describes the difference between euthanasia and his own profession: Its like giving someone a loaded gun. There was little by way of differences in the percentages of hospital physicians, medical GPs, surgeons or psychiatrists favouring a change in the law - approximately 48 were in favour. Euthanasia: Issues Implied Within. As one study notes, The last month of life of a terminally ill patient can consume 40 of the total spent on healthcare during the lifetime of an individual" (Stringham 193). A Natural Right to Die: Twenty-Three Centuries of Debate. Ethics 8 sit by, helpless and powerless to do anything. 3d 1118 (2004 36 affirmed by 546.S. Support for euthanasia was just.5 percent down from 22 percent in the previous report. While this is not to say that religion has no place in the debate, it must be understood that many patients with chronic conditions are suffering greatly without the possibility of a guaranteed form of relief. World Federation of Right to Die Societies. Edit Asch DeKay 1997 Asch DeKay 1997,. .