Commuting to Work School during a Hurricane

commuting to Work School during a Hurricane

when the hurricane hits, come to work prepared. The person designated for the role should be given clear guidelines to help in those situations. If possible, it's better to piggyback on the decisions of a large employer with criteria more like your own. Personal items including medications, extra clothing, blankets, food, bottled water, flashlights, batteries, and items helpful for passing the time can make a tremendous difference if you are stuck in one place for a long period of time. When you're tired and just want to sleep in, trudging an hour or two to the office really doesn't seem worth. When people need to cut this much time, or more, out of their day to get to work on time, other things they want to do have to be cut out. In a weather emergency or natural disaster situation, the last thing you want to worry about is the nuances of federal or local wage regulations. Health-conscious employees should consider biking or walking into the office every day. If you choose public transportation and you'll need to pay a monthly fare to get from bus to bus or ride on a train, which can add up to more than 100, or 1,200 a year. As well, consider how you react to stressful situations. It will be important to be personally prepared for the event by ensuring you have what you need to survive.

Exempt Employee Pay, it's a different story for exempt employees. Copyright 2018, The Hartford Courant. Consider the costs, one of the biggest things to consider with commuting is the cost. If this is the case, a job with a shorter commute might very well be the right choice for your lifestyle. There is the likelihood of flooding during a hurricane. Some organizations have special shuttles that meet at central locations, which can be helpful for employees that are coming in from long distances. It's important to keep in mind that everyone's commute is different. School systems have well-established weather-related cancellation or delayed opening policies, but those decisions might be based on criteria not applicable to you. . In removing From Office both situations, you will find your travels significantly less crowded, which could make them easier to deal with. The average American commutes at least 25 minutes to work, which is not a significant hardship in the grand scheme of things. In addition, you should have a procedure in place for employees to let you know when they can't make it in even when you have decided to keep your doors open.

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