Reinhard Heydrich A Brief Biography

reinhard Heydrich A Brief Biography

came to know. SS men were carefully vetted for their racial background. Einsatzgruppen and built extermination camps. A translated excerpt from the speech of 4 October reads: I also want to refer here very frankly to a very difficult matter.

As many as 500,000 Soviet prisoners of war died or were executed in Nazi concentration camps over the course of the war; most of them were shot or gassed. Der N├╝rnberger Prozess gegen die Hauptkriegsverbrecher (in German). Although many regulations that discriminated against non-Christiansincluding Jews and other minority groupshad been eliminated during the unification of Germany in 1871, antisemitism continued to exist and thrive in Germany and other parts of Europe. Nebe served in this capacity until June 1943, when he was replaced by Ernst Kaltenbrunner. (.) This is, of course, nonsense." The historian Waitman Wade Beorn writes: ".some have argued that Nebe deliberately inflated the numbers of Jews he reported killed. On, Hitler's cabinet passed a law which stipulated that upon von Hindenburg's death, the office of president would be abolished and its powers merged with those of the chancellor. In June 1942, Heydrich was assassinated in Prague in an operation led by Jozef Gabk and Jan Kubi, members of Czechoslovakia's army-in-exile who had been trained by the British Special Operations Executive.

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reinhard Heydrich A Brief Biography