Motherdaughter Conflicts

motherdaughter Conflicts

my district. Chris Sununu to creed - Human Clay reduce the states regulation. Virginia Drye says shes frustrated that people like her arent represented in her states legislature. If you look at the demographics of the State House, it is substantially aged and it is substantially male and a good portion of the folks are retired. Drye said she made the Vesta Roy classes easier to attend for working women or women with families, adding we had an exciting class. New Hampshire GOP chairwoman Jeanie Forrester said the Dryer duo are both fantastic candidates and I think they are an inspiration to any Republican woman who would want to run for office. And the bid to boost Republican womens representation in Concord is a family affair her mother Margaret is running in an overlapping district for the New Hampshire House as well. Margaret is trying to increase the number of Republican women campaigning for office by running the Vesta Roy Excellence in Public Service Series, a decade-old state program that encourages Republican women in elected or appointed governmental and political positions, as well as volunteer and staff.

She filed her candidacy on Wednesday for state representative. Margaret, an emergency medical technician for four decades, said the states opioid crisis is a key issue for her campaign. Mother-daughter duos in the legislature are rare.

Im a Republican and a woman, the Plainfield,.H., resident told Fox News. The districts theyre hoping to represent tend to slightly favor Democrats - and the seats are currently held by Democrats. Shes also emphasizing regulatory reform, and supports the drive by Republican Gov. She is the most passionate person I know about politics, how the Constitution works, how the governments supposed to work, she said. Regardless, the mother-daughter duo are undaunted and both joked that they can save money by sharing campaign signs). Theyre not surprised at all, because I am political compared to most of my friends and theyre really supportive of that. Margaret and Virginia wont know until the end of the filing period on June 15 if the incumbent lawmakers in their districts are running for re-election. Slowly but surely we are building a large group of alumni from the program who are trained and ready to run for politics, Margaret Drye explained.

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