Think Youre a Good Driver?

think Youre a Good Driver?

influence of drugs. 1) The car doesn't jerk when you brake. A key component to being legally allowed on UK roads, many will have distressing memories of sitting in front of a computer screen debating on whether to click every time you see a sheep, or given multiple choice questions where all the answers could. Well here's your chance. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), says we need to resist. In, new Lessons to Pave a Road to Safety, Tara Parker-Pope writes: Teenagers are notoriously bad drivers, accounting for 10 times as many crashes as middle-aged ones. For privacy policy reasons, we will not publish student comments that include a last name. This is pretty simple, yet many motorists still treat their brake pedal like a stray ipis crawling under their shoe. It is not just the drivers who suffer, but often their passengers, people in other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists, and the families of everyone involved. Which just leaves one question: are you one of them?

Few of us can claim perfection when it comes to our behaviour behind the wheel. Everyone's a back seat driver. Unless you have a legitimate emergency, don't block traffic and think it's okay just because your blinkers are.

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They arent actually confident, if youve kept up with the points so far, youre probably justified in feeling fairly pleased with yourself. And the other drivers shouldn't the Entertaining Movies have a mental image of you as that douchebag they encountered this morning. 3) You give way when necessary. Driving while tired is a dangerous habit for motorists to get into. But if for example there's a gigantic sign that says "Right lane must turn right then you have no excuse not to comply. To err is human and all that.

You don't have to look far to find examples of those. Point out examples of unsafe driving, explain why you are changing lanes or slowing down, announce when you are checking the mirrors, and explain how you are reacting to information. Mug life: the key to safety on the roads is not to be over-confident Credit: Alamy. The faster you're going, the bigger the physical space should. Tailgating is juvenile at best and dangerous at worst. Indeed, as Mr Clinton reports, failing to look properly causes many thousands of accidents on our roads. But short of keeping them off the road entirely, is there a way to make their driving safer for them and for the rest of us?