The Displacement From the Extraordinary Man

the Displacement From the Extraordinary Man

today, if we are going by the standards of good and evil in Christianity, these two levels exist. He feels that if he had given her more gifts she would have been bound to him by money. After inferring from the rationality of Raskolnikovs hypothesis on illness that the rest of his working theory would too be correct, the reader is led down a path of definite expectations for his/her extraordinary narrator. For instance, when Raskolnikov comes to a breaking point in the book where he confesses everything about his murder of Alyona Ivanovna to Sonya. The basis of human life is the atom; everything living and breathing on Earth is constructed with atoms. Raskolnikov's own theory adopts some of all of the above ideas with certain touches of his own.

In this way Luzhin would be able to control his wife with money. Rather, Raskolnikov is forced to confess by several factors including the very fear of being discovered. "When suddenly in a dark corner between an old cupboard and the door he caught sight of a strange object" (469). Katerina was brought up in good fortune. This level uses its power to control others.

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Brian Dennehy as Willy Loman

To the other extreme Dostoevsky uses Luzhin to show one of the higher levels of society. Raskolnikov wanted to step up to another level by becoming an extraordinary man. Luzhin is well off in society; he has already made his money and he has a secure financial position. According to Hegel, any harmful segment of society should be removed. Economics, the economics of our world are based around money and social status within the population. Dostoevsky also shows levels in good and evil through the astonishingly well-developed characters. Each religion portrays a "right" way and a "wrong" way. They are extraordinary because they are the men who have the gift or talent to utter. Katerina was the daughter of a man that had power and her first husband was rather wealthy. Evil, the age-old battle between good and evil has resurfaced.