Till my wheels fell off

till my wheels fell off

magazine for that Benzino shit/. In the hood fiends snitchin' on niggas for quarter rock/.

Proffesional Issues in IT
Ethical Dilemmas of the Police Officers in New Orleans

G's up, hoes down, make bitches swallow dick/. Hood rat, model chick, six-four impalla shit/. I woke up around 2:15'ish, and left towards the track early to shoot around before workout. I ran in to my teammate who I'll call "Homegirl." I asked her what time we had workout, she replied "4:15." I doubled check with my roommate Alana because I was walking with her at the time, and she replied just the same. That's why I roll 'till my wheels fall off/. Suck me, Eminem, 50 Cent,.

Verse 1, glass house, candy painting, low ridin' twenty-two's/. Lift niggas souls up like a hydrolics switch/. Roll 'till your wheels fall off/.