Short - Causes of the Boer Wars

short - Causes of the Boer Wars

forces, decided to set up barbed wire and blockhouses along the railway lines to keep the Boers at bay. For example, as the gold-bearing ore sloped away from the outcrop underground to the south, more and more blasting was necessary for extraction, and mines consumed vast quantities of explosives. By October 1899 the Transvaal State Artillery had 73 heavy guns, including four 155 mm Creusot fortress guns and 25 37 mm Maxim Nordenfeldt guns. The Ultimatum On October 9th, Alfred Milner, the governor of the Cape Colony, received a telegram from authorities in the Boer capital of Pretoria.

Short answer the British Empire wanted the Boer s gold. For the British they were the Boer Wars, for the Boers, the Wars o f Independence. Many Afrikaaners today refer to them as the Anglo-Boer Wars.

The first Boer War broke out on 16 December 1880 with a skirmish between the British garrison in Potchefstroom and a 'commando' under General Piet Cronj. Peace The Boers had rejected an offer of peace from the British in March 1901, in part because it required that the Boers recognize the British annexation of their republics. In the British Army, at least 14,000 black people worked as wagon drivers. He volunteered in 1900 to help the British by forming teams of ambulance drivers and raising 1100 Indian volunteer medics. Read More on This Topic, southern Africa: The South African War.