Exegesis on the Garden of Eden

exegesis on the Garden of Eden

princes these are the kings who have gardens in the midst of it: another reason is given, because it belonged to Naphtali, a portion in the midst of it, as it is said, and of "Naphtali. Hedenesh, or Heden, the birthplace of Zoroaster - Kalisch). (n) "a principio. Such a garden undoubtedly there was somewhere, and it is said to be placed "eastward either in the eastern part of the country of Eden, see Genesis 4:16 or to the east of the desert where Moses was when he wrote; or to the east. (f) This was the name of a place, as some think in Mesopotamia, most pleasant and abundant in all things. The writer has still the formation of man in thought, and therefore proceeds to state that he was thereupon placed in the garden which had been prepared for his reception, before going on to give a description of the garden. God let them and us know that, as beautiful as the Garden was, it would not stay that way. It is good not to eat of this tree. Gan "garden, park paradeisos, "an enclosed piece of ground." eden "Eden, delight." qedem "fore-place, east; foretime.".

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Soham prasinos, "leeklike perhaps the beryl (Septuagint onux, "onyx, sardonyx a precious stone of the color of the nail (Jerome). 7.) takes it to be in the land of Promise, not far from the Dead sea, or sea of Sodom, and in the country about Jordan; and of the same opinion is Heidegger (Hist. The rendering of several versions in the beginning instead of eastward is untenable. It was subject to natural law and would degenerate. Genesis 2:15 we find that the garden was ready as soon as man needed a home. Eastward is the same as on the side fronting you. Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary 2:8-14 The place fixed upon for Adam to dwell in, was not a palace, but a garden. In these two trees God set before Adam good and evil, the blessing and the curse. Benson Commentary, genesis 2:8. Pulpit Commentary Verse. It goes back, therefore, as we conceive, to the third day, and runs parallel with the preceding passage.

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