Capital Punishment A deterrent to violent crime

capital Punishment A deterrent to violent crime

make another attempt to amend the law. He is in need of hospital treatment. Did the defenders of crime, one wonders, in their desire for fair-play, consult the victims before they suspended capital punishment? If two armed thieves break into a house, guns in hand, and one of them shoots and kills the house-owner, is his accomplice guilty of murder? A wicked society breeds evil or so the argument goes. Text C, hanging Vote, debating the death penalty.

capital Punishment A deterrent to violent crime

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Capital Punishment as an Option

The hardened criminal is cuddled and cosseted by the sociologists on the one hand and adored as a hero by the masses on the other. You must refer to them politely as social misfits. He is need of 'hospital treatment'. Quiz, now a quiz on some points of law English style. It prevented unarmed policemen from being mowed down while pursuing their duty by killers armed with automatic weapons. We all know that 'life sentence' does not mean what it says. The professional killer who wouldn't think twice about using his cosh or crowbar to batter some harmless old lady to death in order to rob her of her meagre life-saving must never be given a dose of his own medicine. It will never do, these days, to go around referring to criminals as violent thugs. The latest, on Monday, saw the most emphatic rejection yet of the arguments for bringing back the hangman. If I promise to marry my girlfriend and then change my mind shortly before the wedding, can she take me to court? M, (December 31, 1969).