Is Peace Possible?

is Peace Possible?

the flame of a sane and intelligent patriotism in mens hearts, nor to abolish the system of national autonomy so essential if the evils of excessive centralization are to be avoided. In like manner, the size of the armaments of every government should be strictly limited, for if the preparations for war and the military forces of any nation should be allowed to increase, they will arouse the suspicion of others. It does not ignore, nor does it attempt to suppress, the diversity of ethnical origins, of climate, of history, of language and tradition, of thought and habit, that differentiate the peoples and nations of the world. There are no grounds, moral, practical, or biological, upon which such denial can be justified. Nation-building has come to an end. A world, growing to maturity, must abandon this fetish, recognize the oneness and wholeness of human relationships, and establish once for all the machinery that can best incarnate this fundamental principle of its life.

A fresh look at the problem is required, entailing consultation with experts from a wide spectrum of disciplines, devoid of economic and ideological polemics, and involving the people directly affected in the decisions that must urgently be made. quot;s on Peace: How easy it is to repel and release every impression which is troublesome and immediately to be tranquil. In contemplating the supreme importance of the task now challenging the entire world, we bow our heads in humility before the awesome majesty of the divine Creator, Who out of His infinite love has created all humanity from the same stock; exalted the gem-like reality. Beyond the initial armistice forced upon the world by the fear of nuclear holocaust, beyond the political peace reluctantly entered into by suspicious rival nations, beyond pragmatic arrangements for security and coexistence, beyond even the many experiments in co-operation which these steps will make possible.

William Hazlett In acceptance, there is peace. Two points bear emphasizing in all these issues. They must proclaim it to all the world and obtain for it the sanction of all the human race. The League of Nations, the United Nations, and the many organizations and agreements produced by them have unquestionably been helpful in attenuating some of the negative effects of international conflicts, but they have shown themselves incapable of preventing war. The Association of South East Asian Nations, the Caribbean Community and Common Market, the Central American Common Market, the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, the European Communities, the League of Arab States, the Organization of African Unity, the Organization of American States, the South Pacific. Peace comes from living in the moment and looking for the good in others. Should this greatest of all remedies be applied to the sick body of the world, it will assuredly recover from its ills and will remain eternally safe and secure. World peace is not only possible but inevitable.

Adopting an international auxiliary language would go far to resolving this problem and necessitates the most urgent attention. Dyer how beautiful it is to be alive! And it isn't enough to to believe in it, one must work for. Indeed, it is the real source of the remarkable movement towards ecumenism by which members of historically antagonistic religions and sects seem irresistibly drawn towards one another. There is time for everything. Mother Teresa Nothing is so dear and precious telling The Truth About History as time.