that bring peace to the household. So C is not possible. Only (1) and (2. No Honest are first statement, subjectPolitician but in second statement, subject Honest. So, practice as many sums as you can, from any of the following books. (reversed C to A). Distribution of terms (Tick method usually taught in CAT coaching classes and study material. UN Some politicians are honest PP Second concept: Earlier we saw there are five no-conclusion combos UPs politicians hate giving particular statements (both positive and negative). Case#2 Politicians Males honest Raja Kalmadi Sheila Raja Kalmadi Bhagat Singh ChandraSekhar Azad Bhagat Singh ChandraSekhar Azad Sarojini Naidu Mother Teresa In this case, No politician is honest. Some green are not white.

No woman(B) is prude Universal negative Some nurses are women(B) Particular positive change position of first and second statement. Standard format th question statements are Universal negative. Only (3) and (4). No bird is a pig Bird Pig.


Conclusions: No door is cat.
No cat is door.

From the given rules, Two particulars No conclusion! Apply combo rules: upppno conclusion because Uttar Pradeshs politicians hate particular statements. All monkeys like bananas. We can convert either of them, into UN. No woman(B) is prude(C) Universal negative (UN) Apply the combo rules ppun? Given Question statement Conversion (all applicable to all given question statements) Type None but Politicians are honest. This one is from CAT-1999. No Politicians are honest. We can convert it via two routes Route #1 Route #2 Just convert the first statement. Through his series, his channel, public presentations and books, his image is is hip and smart - with his designer specs, angular beard, classic convertible and ever-present guitar case.

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