The Car Exhaust Causes Health Problems

the Car Exhaust Causes Health Problems

other sources. The newer the car, the better for the environment. 2007;102: ; Hu SC, Ben-Jebria A, Ultman. Government policies around the world are aimed at reducing CO2 emissions to combat global warming. (Generally not a DIY job) The engine may be running too hot. The smoke may have a bluish tint. Excessive inertia from standstill due to 6-ply heavy construction (commercial uses only). Cities looked at the association between ozone and mortality during the summer months. LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) gives off lower toxic emissions than Diesel and older (pre-Euro 4) petrol engines, but fuel consumption isnt as good.

the Car Exhaust Causes Health Problems

2007; 132: ; McDonnell WF, Stewart PW, Smith. The effect of ambient air pollution during early pregnancy on fetal ultrasonic measurements during mid-pregnancy.

May cause reproductive and developmental harm. If it is cold out, this may be normal. 1997; 72:24-31; Medina-Ramn,. Ambient air pollution exposure and full-term birth weight in California. The Fix: Check compression to determine engine condition. C denotes "Commercial" and a 205/65x16C is normally found on a Ford Transit or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Petrol cars produce fewer toxic emissions.

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