AndalGoda and Mirabai

andalGoda and Mirabai

start of the 16th Century in the Chaukari village in Merta, Rajasthan. Her only message was that Krishna was her luther King Vs. Malcom X all. Later, Mirabai would become his student.

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On one occasion, when Mira was still young, she saw a wedding procession going down the street. Her father in law, Rana Sanga, saw her husbands death as a way to get rid of Mirabai. Often she would spend time discussing spiritual issues with Sadhus, and people would join in the singing of her bhajans. Her commentaries on the interconnected wisdom of all traditions are lyrical and evocative. Arranged Marriage, at age 13 or 18 (sources vary Mirabai was married to a Ranjputi prince of Mewar. Interspirituality is about saying YES to the sacred in every form and no form, about moving beyond intellectual orientation to active engagement with various religions, about seeking and finding the Love that unifies all paths and affirms our essential interconnectedness. These wellness initiatives are offered through innovative experiential learning programs such as Search Inside Yourself (SIY) and Yoglers. Thus he travelled to Brindaban and requested her to return.