Differences Between Speech and Writing

differences Between Speech and Writing

show the perorations of the opposing lawyers. Spiel spl, shpl lengthy speech intended to persuade. This is very important, because processing the sound adds a whole new set of skills that are not necessary for reading. Many speakers are much faster.

Writers looking for just the right shade of meaning may choose from: discourse dskrs, -krs A formal, lengthy discussion of a subject (A discourse can also be written.) disquisition dskw-zshn A formal discourse on a subject (A disquisition can also be written.) harangue h-rng. Used as a noun, address is not the first word one would choose in ordinary circumstances. In speech a lot of things are not actually stated. American children memorize Lincolns Gettysburg Address. However, they also differ in that speech communities establish objectives of socialization and solidarity as prerequisites but discourse communities do not. Written language has none of those. The Difference Between Speech and Discourse Communities. Peroration perrayshn The concluding part of an oration; especially, a final summing up and enforcement of an argument.

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