Ethnic Cleansing

ethnic Cleansing

ethnic cleansing efforts have been driven by the rise of nationalist movements with racist theories fed by the desire to purify the nation by expelling (and in many cases destroying) groups considered alien. The establishment of the ICC reinforced the links between ethnic cleansing and other offenses such as genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crime. "If you remove the Rohingya from Rakhine State using violence, terror, murder, rape, destruction of property, that is a genocidal act. In a state of some 30 million, disenfranchising four million people could have a major impact on the BJPs electoral fortunes, as it has scant support among Indias Muslims. The term also has been attached to the treatment by Indonesian militants of the people.

Ethnic cleansing first became widely used in the 1990s to describe how dirty pictures changed your life the actions of the Bosnian Serbs against Muslims during the Bosnian War. Instead, the problem was left on the back burner for decades. According to Bell-Fialkoff and others, the Assyrian Empire practiced ethnic cleansing when it forced millions of people in conquered lands to resettle between the ninth and seventh centuries.C. By definition, ethnic cleansing can be synonymous with genocide except it does not necessarily entail mass murder and it has a particular focus on ethnicity and religion. The term ethnic cleansing, a literal translation of the Serbo-Croatian phrase etnicko ciscenje, was widely employed in the 1990s (though the term first appeared earlier) to describe the brutal treatment of various civilian groups in the conflicts that erupted upon the disintegration of the Federal.