Falklands War and the Gulf War

falklands War and the Gulf War

and Marines. Four Mirage IIIs came swooping in to attack these British ships. All of this was achieved in just 48 hours which is lightening speed in the field of diplomacy. Other reminders of occupation included the laying of minefields and barbed wire in and around Port Stanley and large areas deemed out of bounds to civilian traffic. However, there were just not enough Harriers to meet the demand required. The helicopters dropped depth charges, launched missiles, unleashed torpedoes and fired machine guns. One boat drifted for hours, the other boat had seemed to be lost completely and was considered lost. At 3pm, a pattern of Mark 8 torpedoes was launched at the Belgrano. On the 3rd April, the Argentine commander called upon the magistrate to surrender by radio.

He managed to convince the Prime Minister that Britain might not be able to save the islands from invasion now, but that it had the capability of retaking them, but only if the government made the necessary arrangements immediately and to dedicate fully its military. Fortunately for the British, the pilots were aiming for the escort ships rather than the troop carriers. May 31st Royal Marines arrive.

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Governor Hunt agreed to meet the Argentine commander in charge of the invasion, Admiral Busser to discuss the situation at 9:15. Britain seized the islands in 1833, expelling the few remaining Argentine occupants, and since then consistently rejected Argentinas claims. K Company finally started its attack at 2200 hours and got to within 100 meters of the first dugouts before being seen. Jones, CO of 2 Para, helped assault the position with his HQ unit but was hit and later died of his wounds. It was at this point that it began to dawn on them what a 'tripwire' force drinking Age Laws: Practical Or Waste Of Time? entailed.

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