Interview with Mrs. Loughman

interview with Mrs. Loughman

taft School and graduated from. Stonewall: The Riots that Sparked the Gay Revolution,. Four years later, however, he ran for mayor again, but lost the Democratic primary. The police and emergency medical technicians were summoned at 3:30 am to his town house on East 62d Street, where the ailing former Mayor was pronounced dead of heart failure. The New reconstruction Essay York Observer. A Democratic Mayor not aligned with Tammany was a new development and marked a milestone in the decline of traditional clubhouse or machine politics in New York City. New Haven: Yale University Press. Patrick's Cathedral, and he was buried at Calvary Cemetery in Maspeth, Queens.

interview with Mrs. Loughman

The Interview With Dr. Jennifer Wong

He was Borough President of Manhattan from 1950 to 1953. Park in Battery Park City and the Robert. He resigned his seat on January 13, 1942, and joined the Army Air Corps to fight in World War. The cost of good intentions: New York City and the liberal experiment, (1981). "Mourners Recall Wagner as Man Of Subtle Grace". 3 By the early 1960s, a campaign to rid New York City of gay bars was in full effect by order of Mayor Wagner, who was concerned about the image of the city in preparation for the 1964 World's Fair. Wagner refused Eisenhower's request of a ticker tape parade for the King and even went so far as to refuse to formally greet him, stating that the Moslem ruler was anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic, all of which was "a crude appeal to the prejudices of the. Wagner was a member of the.