The Journal of Media Studies

the Journal of Media Studies

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196-207) Joel Alemibola Elegbe, Association for the Development of Education in Africa Determination Of Relevant Attributes Of Various Dimensions Of Corporate Culture Using Reliability And Factor Analysis: Evidence From Selective Hotels In India (pp. 2018;27(6 25612572 DOI : original research Long Jiao, Dongmei Wang Pol. In addition we offer several online resources. The Relationship Between Organizational Resources And Work Engagement: The Mediating Role Of Service Climate As A Predictor Of Performance And Loyalty In Shopping Malls Of Pakistan (pp. 2018;27(6 27292737 DOI : original research Fenghua Wang, Xiaoying Li, Lusheng Zhu, Zhongkun Du, Cheng Zhang, Jun Wang, Jinhua Wang, Dongdong Lv Pol. 2018;27(6 27752783 DOI : original research Yan Wang, Sen Dou, Lili Wang, Jinsong Wu, Tao Wang, Changyu Wang, Zhendong Jiang, Zhengshan Ju, Jun Wang, Ming Luo Pol. Online issn: Print issn.