Music As Process

music As Process

music that does adhere to those guidelines. He began piano lessons in 1952. This experience of musical time has been described by Lawrence Kramer as vertical time (1981/1988 the extended perception of a single moment. First in rhythmic ' unison then with one part moved ahead by an eighth note, then another, and so on, till they are back togetheran example of Nyman's process-type.

The Broadway Musical In The 1940s, Satanism In Music,

"Minimal winning the Race Challenges: Process Music and the Uses of Formalist Analysis". This session also represents a co-authored article by members of the Study Group that will be published in 2018 in the New Sound International Journal of Music. In Cut Splice: Transmission, edited by Daniela Cascella and Lucia Farinati, 13539. Analysis of reality before its entry into existence" ( Fritsch 1979, 11415). Her research interests include extended duration music and the compositional and performance strategies that surround this genre.

It will also attempt to discuss and document some of the different ways that composers and performers approach and discuss process in practice. Reich himself points to John Cage as an example of a composer who used compositional processes that could not be heard when the piece was performed ( Reich 2002, 34).