Why Get Pierced?

why Get Pierced?

113 Excess scar tissue, including hypertrophic scar and keloid formation. 1516) a b ( Currie-McGhee 2006,. . 182) a b ( Miller 2004,. . A 1998 study is still frequently cited in estimates of ear piercing complications. Retrieved 27 November 2008. "Oral and Dental Complications of Intra-oral Piercing". For other uses, see, piercing (disambiguation).

It might not appear when you first get the piercing in your nose, but grow.
Therefore, some people get pierced because it s ritualistic an d cultural to.
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In which we break down how to make a piercing look good and not ge t infected, whether it s your ear, nose, lip, nipple, mething else.

A 2001 survey in Clinical Nursing Research, an international publication, found that 62 of people who have had piercings have done so in an effort "to express their individuality." 63 People also pierce to commemorate landmark events or to overcome traumatic ones. 34) ( Currie-McGhee 2006,. . Contents, history edit, an earring found in an Alamannic grave in Germany, dated. 15) a b c ( Angel 2009,. . Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, Part. 71 A fifteen-year analysis published in 2011, Body Piercing and Identity Construction, found that public piercing served as a mechanism of both accelerated camaraderie and political communication, while private piercings served to enhance sexuality and contest heteronormativity.

Body adornment has only recently become a subject of serious scholarly research by archaeologists, who have been hampered in studying body piercing by a sparsity of primary sources. Anatomy and Destiny: a Cultural History of the Human Body. 114 115 The risks can be minimized by wearing properly sized jewellery and not changing it unnecessarily, by not touching the piercing more than required for aftercare, and by being conscious of environmental factors (such as clothing) that may impact the piercing. 65 But at the same time that piercing can be culturally binding, it may also be a means of rebellion, particularly for adolescents in Western cultures. Southeast Asia: a Historical Encyclopedia, from Angkor Wat to East Timor. "Nickel is a common allergen says Derick, and any reaction would usually go away shortly after removing the piercing, she says. 42 In 1993, a navel piercing was depicted in MTV Video Music Awards ' "Music Video of the Year " Cryin' which inspired a plethora of young female fans to follow suit. "There's a New 'It' Piercing that Celebrities Love". 93 They are popular for use in ears, though not legal for use by nonmedical personnel in some parts of the United States. "Written consent form for body piercing of a child under 18 years of age" (PDF).

"We see more redness due to harsh cleaning products" than from infection, she says. Pacific Island cultures also practice ritual body modification including both tattoos and piercings. The greater the blood flow to a certain area, the faster it will heal - and the less vulnerable it will be to infection,. Generally, the subject attempts to enter an analgesic trance prior to the piercing. 24 The Aztecs, Mayans and Incas wore gold septum rings for adornment, with the practice continued to this day by the Kuna of Panama. 1 4 For example, according to Malloy's colleague Jim Ward, Malloy claimed navel piercing was popular among ancient Egyptian aristocrats and was depicted in Egyptian statuary, 4 a claim that is widely repeated. So that the men could not have sex with them." ( Brodsky 2006,. . 99 Forceps are not used in the freehand method, in which the piercer supports the tissue by hand.

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