The Cast of Characters of The Canterbury Tales

the Cast of Characters of The Canterbury Tales

tells a tale about a friar who becomes the butt of coarse humor. The Yeoman, the Yeoman, the Knights attendant, a forester who takes excellent care of his gear. David, Alfred, and James Simpson. His lugubrious recital is interrupted by the Knight. 4, jestice, Phillis. You can help by adding.

the Cast of Characters of The Canterbury Tales

Sir Thopas (who might be considered distinct from the Chaucerian narrator, who is in turn somewhat divorced from Chaucer the author). The Canons Yeoman The Canons Yeoman, who remains with the pilgrim company and tells an anecdote about an alchemist, a canon like his master, who swindles a priest). The Yeoman, the Yeoman was the servant for understanding Wicca By Its Principles the Knight and the Squire. If you're looking for a particular The Canterbury Tales actor or actress, then type their name into the "search" bar to find them directly. The Pardoner The Pardoner, a womanish man with long, blond hair.

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