William Mason - Great American Composer

william Mason - Great American Composer

two secured the exclusive right to navigate the waterways.Y. Surveyor general of Florida. He was awarded King George V Silver Jubilee medal in 1935 and King George VI Coronation medal in 1937. In 1914, he later affiliated with a lodge in Hastings, Nebr. Jonathan Potts,. He was owner of Lister Construction. Will you tell me of any other that girdles the world with its fellowship and gathers all races and most ancient religions, as well as our own, into its brotherhood? Brought up as an Indian boy, he was given the benefit of a good education, being sent 200 miles to school in Tenn.; later attended the Columbia (Tenn.) Academy, and graduated from the.

At the death of General William Clark in 1838, President Van Buren appointed him superintendent of Indian affairs. 40 years to prepare himself as a portrayer of western Americana. He received the American Polar Explorers award in 1938, and the Naval Award of Merit in 1943; a mountain in the Queen Maude Range in Antarctica is named in his honor. He has successively commanded the 305th Bomb Group; 3rd Bomb Division; 20th Bomber Command; 21st Bomber Command; 20th Air Force.

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Entered Confederate Army in 1864; at end of war, returned to school at Summerville Inst. He learned the brewing trade in Sunderland, England, and founded the brewing business. Was unsuccessful candidate for.S. On June 8, 1819 Cumberland Lodge. In 1794 he published the Statute Book of the Order of Knights Templar (in German a valuable addition to the history of Templary. Thurston., Chicago, 1901-17, from salesman to vice president. Clark Mills (1815-1883) Sculptor. 10,.T., Birmingham on Dec. Moving to Claremont,.H., he affiliated with Hiram Lodge. From Columbia in 1912.

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