The Blindfold Walk

the Blindfold Walk

of the group then ask them to follow the rope staying together as a group by holding the back of the coat of the person in front of them. Other group members, one at a time, say a short message to the person wearing the blindfold using a disguised voice. The aim of the person blindfolded is to gues would is talking. At the end of the route they are to retrace their steps. They ran in solidarity with the Boston teams, running blindfolded at the 4th Annual. Start the individual about 3 metres from the drawing.

Then give them walking instructions along the lines of 2 steps forward, 5 right etc. Everyone should put blindfolds on at this point and on your signal to make the sound of their animal and find other people of the same type. Team members take it in turn to walk the line whilst blindfolded. The in each pair one person is blindfolded and must be guided by the other to retrieve the targets without touching any of the mines. The trail should include areas of sensory interest such as over grass, over soft floor mats, under a crawl net. Work in pairs, one wearing blindfolds and the other sighted to give instructions and check for safety. Wearing blindfolds can be fun - I wouldn't want to wear one all the time but when used for the right game it can add a dimension of fun for example a Blindfolded Grouping (see below) would be a bit of fun for a few. A knock on the door startled me and I smirked, already having had a hint of who it might.

Why She Walks In Beauty, The Dead Man Walking, Written by Sister Helen Prejean,

If they hear it they should point to where the noise comes from. Alphabetic order - Blindfold everyone, then same as above but in order of first name. She looked at me like I had lost my mind and I had to keep from telling her. A blindfolded person is lead by a sighted person, at first across a level grass area, then around increasingly complex soft obstacles such as through a pattern of balls or round markers. Appropriate number of trainers for the blindfold activities that you are using should be in attendance at all times to ensure that rules are followed and that there are no hazards. Egg and Spoon Race with Blindfolds! Typically this will need the blindfolded players to work together. While they are doing the activity all of the group members are wearing blindfolds.