The Modern Olympics has no plce in our world

the Modern Olympics has no plce in our world

fighting. 1914/15 Trio, Northumberland Fusiliers/nt Regt Papers. In good condition with some tears to sweatband. I purchased the effects of Squadron Leader. Leather case in ' tired ' but stable condition missing it's side closure straps.

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Wye Valley Motorcycle Club, based in the Wye Valley
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Factors that brought about exploration to the New World

Third reich navy brocade dress belt/buckle - mint. Contained in box of issue with Iraqi bank note, 2 x Iraqi issue medals, British Forces Tank Transporter badge and a framed souvenir card. Accompanying scabbard has both tabs with elastic keeper having been replaced by a leather lace tie. It is in untouched condition with all the fire gilt still present. The eagle is smaller than the normal type with fine detail and a style similar to the early droop tail pattern. This brass buckle was worn by the Prussian Police Offers in the early part of the Third Reich era. Lurid mmoire issued.H.Q. ' The Womens Volunteer Reserve emerged from one of the suffragette movements, the Womens Social and Political Union.

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the Modern Olympics has no plce in our world

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