Effects of Migration on Children

effects of Migration on Children

especially in countries where the status of women is low for example, in the Persian Gulf states. Increased numbers of people add to the pressure on resources, such as health services and education. There is a growth of ethnic retailing and areas associated with ethnic food outlets for example, the curry mile in Rusholme, Manchester Political effects include: Discrimination against ethnic groups and minorities which may lead to civil unrest and extremism Call for controls on immigration Entrenchment of attitudes which may.

Suffer the Little Children and Miss Sidley, Book Review: Among School Children,

Returning retired migrants may impose a social cost on the community if support mechanisms are not in place to cater for them. More, this study is one of the first large-scale analyses on child psychological well-being in the context of parental migration when children remain in an African country. Issues of economic migration: source country. Many migrants send remittances home and much of this money is reinvested in the some economy in projects such as new buildings and services. Aspects of cultural identity are lost, particularly among second-generation migrants. The loss of labour may deter inward investment by private organisation, increasing dependence on governmental initiatives. "Effects of Migration on Children.".