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human rights first

its a vital national interest: America is strongest when our policies and actions match our values. On human rights, the United States must be a beacon. The Freedom for Detained Refugees Project. Military in Iraq and. Jump to navigation, main menu, the Freedom for Detained Refugees Project. We know it is not enough to expose and protest injustice, so we create the political environment and policy solutions necessary to ensure consistent respect for human rights. Human Rights First is a non-profit, nonpartisan international human rights organization based in New York, Washington.C., Houston, and Los Angeles. To seek asylum in the US, but after months of abusive conditions in immigration detention, Martin chose to risk his life rather than endure another day. The United States is punishing people for seeking asylum. America is strongest when our policies and actions match our values.

The group works to hold the governments of all countries accountable for enforcing the standards of the. Donate Today, crossing The Line, experience Life Through the Eyes of Asylum Seekers at the.S.-Mexico Border. Announcing a Three-Pronged Initiative to Combat the Imprisonment of Refugees in the United States. When they fail, we step in to demand reform, accountability and justice. HRF issued reports and sponsored campaigns on a wide range of concerns, including hate crimes in Europe and the United States, the persecution of civilians in the civil war in Sudan, and the treatment of prisoners held by the.S. Our Campaigns, as we challenge the United States to respect its ideals, our goal is not to make a point but to make a differenceto get concrete results that have a tangible impact on peoples lives. To that end, we conduct campaigns in pursuit of specific goals.

HRF seeks to protect the rights of people at risk, including political refugees, victims of discrimination and crimes against humanity, and human rights advocates who are persecuted for their attempts to protect the rights of others. We believe American leadership is essential in the global struggle for human rights, so we press the.S. For almost 40 years, weve built bipartisan coalitions and teamed up with frontline activists and lawyers to tackle global challenges that demand American leadership. Learn More, protect Refugee Families, donate Today to Provide Quality Legal Representation for Asylum Seeking Families.

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Government and private companies to respect human rights and the rule of law. Human rights first IN THE news. HRF aims to promote laws and policies that protect the universal freedoms of all individualsregardless of political, economic, or religious affiliation. Activists fighting for freedom around the globe continue to look to our country for inspiration and count on us for support. These are the true stories of asylum seekers at the.S.-Mexico border. Human Rights First (HRF), formerly known as, lawyers Committee for International Human Rights, nongovernmental organization founded in, new York City in 1978 to defend human rights worldwide. Human Rights First is an independent advocacy and action organization that challenges America to live up to its ideals. Whether we are protecting refugees, combating torture, or defending persecuted minorities, we focus not on making a point, but on making a difference. Around the world, we work where we can best harness American influence to secure core freedoms. Martin is a Mexican journalist who reported on police violence, putting a target on his back. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948 the, international Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966 and the, international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966 collectively known as the International Bill of Human Rights.