workflows, innovation tailored to your needs, safety and efficiency go hand in hand. Live Preview, view Details. Now the next generation eVision technology can do just that - find images and video visually. ECall: eCall is an IP-PBX module, in charge of communications between internal lines, mobile phones, and VoIP calls. Supporting global hazardous industries on the path.

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Hardware Specifications: CPU: PC Based multi core, memory: Multichannel reconstruction Essay DDR RAM, gPU: AMD/nvidia/Intel. Corporate Protection Australia Group is a Queensland based, international organisation with over 20 years experience in our dedicated environment. Connections and communications between individuals with different access levels is possible by means of recognition tools such as eWatch, eVision, face, fingerprint, and password recognition, or a combination of them. Life/Security: eLife, eGuide, eNeighbor, intelligent Building/Vehicle: eControl, eGuide, eLife, entertainment: eMusic, ePC (Optional). Speech and Capture Motion: ePlug, eVision. After processing them, appropriate commands will be sent to eActuator units in order to control electronic devices and home appliances. Read more, global projects. Some recent projects we're proud. Our platform, wE understand, yOUR workflows, as industry leader in the Operational Excellence field, eVision understands how you work like no other. EHome records images and controls building or homes communications via eDome, PTZ and stationary network cameras. As a pioneer of the bundled services model, CPA Group can tailor a solution to mitigate client risk across a broad range of industries. Therefore commands can be issued based on the defined scenarios.


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