Definition of Hope

definition of Hope

by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. A town in Arkansas A town in British Columbia hope - Computer Definition See Hackers on Planet Earth. Later when Franz has been kicked out of his home, he searches for Sabina to find her things being moved out of her home without a mention of where she has gone. But that Hope loved him ardently there was no doubt, however it might be explained.

That you will see that in these times there are little gems which keep the heart fresh, in love and in hope. To place trust; rely (usually followed by in). Old Frisian hopia, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch, Dutch hopen; Middle High German hoffen "to hope borrowed from Low German).

definition of Hope

Show More verb (used with object hoped, hoping. This place is an area full of hope, full of riches for the poor. Show More verb (used without object hoped, hoping. Old English hopian "wish, expect, look forward (to something of unknown origin, a general North Sea Germanic word (cf. The most rewarding, entertaining and meaningful rhino sighting that I have ever had. Noun ( plural hopes) A sloping plain between mountain ridges. It is a place full of despair, where the blue sky only appears in patches. The longing or desire for something accompanied by the belief in the possibility of its occurrence: pros and Cons on Pornographic Web Sites He took singing lessons in the hope of performing in the musical. Tomas realized his love for her soon after and returned to be with her.