Something Special

something Special

justin Fletcher: behind the scene interviews. At the start of the programme, Mr Tumble is seen in Frogmore, Devon. Which Tumble are you? Meanwhile, Justin and his friends go eVISION THE FUTURE shopping for their lunchtime picnic. The Tumbles are getting together for lunch. 07/21 rt Justin visits his friends at their school and has lots of fun with paint, while Mr Tumble paints a surprise for Grandad Tumble. 02/25 16 November 2010 Concert Justin goes to see Victoria, Daisy and Lily Mae in York. Maybe Mr Tumble can help.

Mr Tumble has made a stage and is organising a singing competition between Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble. 15/21 Routines Justin spends the day with his friend Danny finding out what he does after school each day. 05/25 pace Mr Tumble wants to get to the moon, but he needs a rocket and a space suit. Madelyn thought that the book taught a good lesson to kids to not give up looking for their own talent, because everyone has one even if they do not know. Mr Tumble visits Grandad Tumble in hospital, bringing some presents with him. Engraved Wooden Honours Board From: 500.84 Select options Product added! Enquire about this Product: Personalised Wooden Fruit Bowl Full Name* Email Address* Phone Subject How can we help you?

They look for a wheelbarrow, a yellow plant and flower pot. Full Name email Address phone, subject, how can we help you? Get Involved, we have many volunteer opportunities. 20/25 6 November 2009 Zookeeper Justin and his friends help out at the zoo, while Mr Tumble finds out what it's like to be an animal. Connections, featured in 50 Greatest Kids Shows (2013 see more getting Started, contributor Zone contribute to This Page.

Their format of the show has evolved considerably since the original series. This format change has also included a change in location, and introduced the "Tumble Tap a tablet computer and game (the game is available on the Cbeebies website. Full of despair, Sam went to go visit his mother, when he happened to pick up a paint brush and was a natural at painting! 23/25 opping Justin and his friends go on a trip to the shops, while Mr Tumble sets up his own shop. Justin visits his friend in their school garden where they grow lots of different things. 07/25 22 February 2011 Post Office Justin and his friends are making and posting greeting cards. Committed to ending domestic violence and sexual assault.