The Good Times Marco and Andy Had

the Good Times Marco and Andy Had

thought on winning his second trophy of the 2017 season: "I thouth the others had gone to 8 or 9 under par so I did not expect. In any case, to wind down after a long, cold Giro stage, preceded and/or followed by a lengthy transfer, the ideal dinner table will always include Marco and Maurizio. Vegni and Allocchio and their staff plan the routes, and the race cartographer, Stefano Di Santo, creates the detailed maps. The actual racing takes place somewhere just out of view of their rear-view mirror, although, says Maurizio, they arent entirely deprived of the action: With the iPad, you can see some of it, but youre busy so you dont really take. To find yourself in such company, sharing stories, laughing a great deal, enjoying the probably frivolous, undoubtedly fun, and endlessly fascinating world of kids, big and small, trying to win bicycle races, life can be very good indeed. The chance to mull over a key stage with the men who hold the Giro in their hands is not to be missed, but they tend to be busy most race evenings. All of them fed his addictions, ignored his psychological problems and forced him to keep cycling even though he was in no condition to. In order to reach Bardonecchia and the foot of the final climb, the Jafferau, the stage had to be routed along the Val di Susa around Sestriere.

Id have braked too much on this that sort of thing. The next event where he will have a chance to do so is the inaugural Starnberg Open which will take place next week in Starnberg Golfclub in the very South of Germany, in the heart of Bavaria. Maurizio was fun to have around, always joking the sort of rider who keeps the morale high.

the Good Times Marco and Andy Had

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But somehow that passion for the the Animals for Entertainment subject never quite translates onto the page. Slow on every terrain! Injury deprived him of what could have been his finest moment: In 2001, I was a support rider for Gilberto Simoni, but the week before the Giro, at the Tour de Romandie, I had leg pain, and I couldnt start the Giro, which Simoni won. We compile our own book of hazards during the recon. It doesnt mean the route is changed: you cant always avoid a section of road with a poor surface, or a hazardous junction.