My journey with myself

my journey with myself

human nature has a tendency to persuade people to hold grudges against other individuals. At some point we lose it and we try to change the job, fed up with work, with people around you, the environment sucks. A couple years later, when the economic crisis hit the region (especially banking sector things were getting to my nerve.

Despite the statement was merely referring to a particular circumstance or feeling, but my interpretation was that it was applicable in any circumstance. A month after, 2 medium sized Hedge Funds also hired me as their negotiator in their projects in Indonesia, a pulp and paper company engaged me (and my team) to develop a debt restructuring scheme, and an Oil Gas processing company asked me to structure. Then, I asked myself what my motivation was to take so many jobs in a row. He said, I am greater from Innocence to Experience than myself. Got a writing question? Seventeen years ago, a simple sentence brought me to a new discovery that I was and had always been the leader of my own being. And, there I was, a young new comer who broke the record. Surprisingly, the answer was the major part of it was to get the money and a small part was to become an agent of change. Learn about yourself!" like it's as easy as singing the alphabet, but I'm here to tell you the opposite.