The Middle Passage

the Middle Passage

carefully at the. The French Alliance. A few ships crossed the Middle Passage without any deaths. La Rodeur, in which 39 slaves were drowned.

It was one leg of the triangular trade route that took goods (such as knives, guns, ammunition, cotton cloth, tools, and brass dishes) from Europe to Africa, Africans to work as slaves in the Americas. The Middle Passage, an amazing journey through the middle passage with beautiful artwork depicting the horrible reality of the passage. The triangle trade is explained.

Deaths during the Middle Passage, caused by epidemics, suicide, fixed melancholy, or mutiny, have been estimated at 13 percent. Operation Desert Storm. Politics of the Gilded Age37. Middle Passage, the forced voyage of enslaved. When Does the Revolution End? . Supreme Court ruled that, as free individuals who had been kidnapped from their home country, the Africans of the. War in the Pacific. Farewell to Isolation. The War Behind the Lines.