The Negative Effects of Hackers

the Negative Effects of Hackers

might think you are talking to a 30 year old male that has a great career, and lives not too far away, however in reality, you could be talking to anyone. Businesses, for example, often times use online cloud storage that is securely protected and can be remotely accessed with appropriate security measures. Yet, another harmful effects that anyone may face while browsing the net is the chance to grasp unreliable info and data from unaccredited sources. It remains to develop, compelled by countless quantities of online informative data and knowledge in business, amusement and social networking. These are all examples. If you have a screen and can pick up a signal, your mind is still in the same placeless place Siegel, 64). There is also the fact that you do not really have to leave the house to be entertained anymore either. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Technologys Negative Effects on Society specifically for you. Why go out and socialize when one can access everything at home?

Professionals aim for that cloud storage. Similarly, Bill Gates has said, As more and more people store personal information on the internet, how will we ensure that information is kept secret? People should spend less time and communicate with each other and use technology in rates that it doesnt hurt people to avoid getting any problems in the future.

For example, some advertising websites can track location, watch what users do and see what the users like and dislike by s doing a survey of which products are more preferred, while some countries usually spy on another countries to maintain its internal security and. With computers comes the internet as well, no longer do students have to research in libraries, or even go to class for that matter. Instead of picking up a dictionary or an encyclopedia someone can easily open up their laptop or turn on their smart phone and instantly figure out their questions through Google, Bing, or some other search engine. This is becoming a bigger and bigger problem as technology develops. That overuse resulted in many negatives. For more on this, visit our sister site Importance of technology. That led societies to deal with it almost every day to get their work done resulting in many issues. Privacy problems are considered as one of the critical issues.

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This "placeless place" that Siegel talks about is the zone that your mind enters when you stare at a screen too long, and it feels like your mind stops Thinking. Like the car, the internet has been made out to be a miracle of social and personal transformation, when it is really a marvel of convenience- and in the case of the internet, one that has caused a social and personal upheaval (Siegel, 25). Years ago, it was predicted by many that the future would be an amazing and surreal place, yet, no one really seems very shocked about the advances. According to Powers, being connected causes us to think more outward, about what is happening, rather than just around you in your immediate life. This is done by examining the systems and examining software that is known to have security weaknesses, then informing the customer so that they can close the hole, by finding new solutions and techniques, this can minimize the work and effort of a hacker.

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