Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

red Dragon by Thomas Harris

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Hunter / Cazador de hombres ( Manhunter, 1986 1 adaptacin de la novela El dragn rojo, dirigida por Michael Mann e interpretada por William Petersen (agente de la FBI Will Graham Dennis Farina ( Jack Crawford Tom Noonan ( Francis Dolarhyde Brian Cox ( Hannibal. Graham has an epiphany about the indifference of nature and decides that it is not nature that is haunted by events, as he had thought when visiting Shiloh before, but men who are haunted. Red Dragon (2002 film). Hoping to lure the Red Dragon into a trap, Graham gives Lounds an interview in which he deliberately mischaracterizes the killer as an impotent homosexual. 1 En Metacritic obtuvo una puntuacin.